Lukas Thoeni…trumpet

Dave Gisler…guitar

André Pousaz…bass

Gregor Hilbe…drums

Matthias Kohler…sax


Elastic Jazz – Contemporary Music – Songs 

This Is Pan don’t care much for musical labels. The band’s second album, «The Hudson Suite» 2018, brings forth a musical concept that is singular to this formation. Rooted in the song, the music leaves space for improvisational exploring and experimentation – expertly executed by these weighty proponents of the Swiss Jazz scene: Matthias Kohler sax, comp, Lukas Thoeni tp, André Pousaz b, Gregor Hilbe dr, and latest addition Dave Gisler g.


This Is Pan – Teasing elasticity since 2012

For more than seven years, composer and saxophonist Matthias Kohler’s working band has been developing a unique sound as a quartet. The band name is a tribute to shepherd- and music-god Pan from Greek mythology. Starting out with video productions such as «Pigfoot» 2012 and «Pip’s First Time Out» 2013, the band soon moved to their first album production with the self-titled debut on A-Nuk Label 2015. The musical vision was even pushed further with the second album «The Hudson Suite» 2018, taking a musical journey along the infamous river separating New York from New Jersey. The suite was envisioned during Matthias’ 2016 artist residency in Hudson, NY.

After touring and playing many concerts in Switzerland and the surrounding countries, the group decided collectively to include another sound layer into the music: Dave Gisler on guitar, a shooting star among the younger Swiss jazz scene, is the latest addition to This Is Pan. The music of the newly constituted quintet will be forged into a new album to be released in fall 2020.


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